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Sex Outside Marriage Going Up, Going Out In Australia

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One in three marriages end in divorce, families are ripped apart, lovers selling their comfortable homes to live in poky apartments.  And yet it seems there is a light at the end of the tunnel as there has been a radical increase in men and women seeking sex outside their marriage, no doubt in and  effort no keep their marriages alive.

That’s the results of a survey of 15000 men and women conducted by the Adult dating site Red Hot Pie that offers meetings with anyone for anything from straight old sex to those who are curious about fetishes.

Sex sex sex, or no sex for that matter, flows through a marriage in  a wave of discontent in, but rather than separating men and women are choosing a different path and diving into the risky world, finding a lover for an extramarital affair.  And a risk it is.

There is nothing like leaving a spot of lipstick on your lovers shirt to cause waves of suspicion.  ”Sandra saw it and asked, ‘is that lipstick is on your shirt?’”  Dread, the moment of truth, has our secret world come apart? “I grabbed the shirt off her and threw it into the dry cleaner,” said the man with the Big Black Jag.  What can you say, but ‘I’m sorry’, does she suspect.  ”no, she just went silent,” responded.  Um, we wonder once that seed is in a wife’s mind will it ever go away.

Yet our little secret world goes on, a wife, a partner unaware of the wild sex that takes place, every second Friday.  Life goes on.

It goes on, it seems more and more around Australia, with the number of people increasing significantly in the past year who are seeking an affair, for fun, for sex, for an escape.
In 2009 25.3% of men in the survey were married, but the following year that number had increased to 30.2 and for women, the change was similar.  2009, 17.5% of women where looking for extramarital sex, by 2010 that number had jumped to 22.8%.

More men, more women looking for sex outside marriage, running affairs, running away from home for a quick bonk then home again to play the perfect partner in the happy home, and it probably now is.

For more information on the Red Hot Pie Sex Survey:


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