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Photos Of Women’s Butts: Jill’s Knickers Get Into A Knot!

Butt Photo That's Been Spreading! XXX

After watching porn night and day suddenly you become a critic, “well that’s trash” or “no story line there” but last night I had an “aha moment” when I began to give sex videos less than a 3 star rating for their photos of women’s butts.

Take a good looking woman and zoom down to her butt, it’s flat, it’s crinkly, so often something just doesn’t look hot.

Even for these young muscular women if the light is sprayed at the wrong angle out pops that cellulite looking mighty un-sexy.

Yet, on the other hand given a good angle a photo of woman’s bum is hot, hot and just hotter.

I had a lover who would cum as he rubbed by butt, his hands would love the curves, the movement but then, look in the mirror and it never seems quite right, he’d just look away.

XXX (Now That's A Good Butt Shot! But not ours!

How do you make a bottom look good?

Driving for the best photo, I’ve tried the camera looking up, I’ve bent over and yes I’ve tried it all but my bum never makes the grade.

Last month I sent a naked bottom photo to a friend who replied:   “You have an unbelievably sexy ass, nicely spread open for my viewing pleasure,” oh thanks Jake, but honestly? Haven’t heard from you since I sent the photos.

As a serious porn blogger Harriet, each week searches the internet for anyone who’s mentioned our site.  “OH OH OH” she screamed “someone’s using one of our photos, oh … (she became quiet) it’s not yours, or mine.”

There is was, the butt, barely covered by undies and this was seen as very sexy?  Clearly, but it not Harriet’s nor mine!


Research, google, and there is the evidence, some of the most talked about topics on sex discussion group, “what color panties are you wearing today?”  Thousands have responded, well, someone missed that trend.

Do knickers make a bum sexy?

It seems maybe “buy a g-string” Brian quietly suggested.

Tie lace around your bottom, sexy, oh yes.  Undies, knickers

Butt Out Harriet!

Bottom Up

Ladies, Would You Like To Squeeze That Butt?

make your butt look good.

So men like to see semi-covered butt, not naked women’s bottoms, and that’s fine by us…. G-string shopping here we come!

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