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What Makes The Best Orgasm? Harriet B’s Class 101: Giving Blowjobs

Orgasms come, orgasms go, lets face it there seems to be just one, maybe two that we really, really remember.

What makes that one just so absolutely wonderful?  Is it how your partner uses their tongue, touches your skin, is it their arms that gives lift to your body, that dulls your mind.  What gives you that state of ecstasy, is it simply technique?  Or does it need, deep down being emotionally connected with your partner?

That’s what began a new quest and I quizzed everyone, men that is.  Any surprise in this, it comes down to a good hard blowjob for one too many.

So Harriet B enrolled herself in the class, How To Give A Blow Job 101 trying to learn what makes a man have a perfect orgasm?

As I lay down on top of my lover I looked up and asked: “Teach me how to give you the best blowjob”.

Yes, oh yes, it’s technique: confuse, tease, slide your tongue around the balls, to end in the middle, that part that links the balls to the penis.  Embed your tongue deep into here, then slowly tickle as you bring your tongue to the top of the penis.

“Hold my penis at the base, tight, but not, that tight,” he said.

When it’s there whip, gently, with the tip of your tongue.  As the moments go by your lips must slide onto the top of the penis then swallow it down deep into your mouth; further, as far as you can until it can go nowhere else.

“Look up, make eye contact as your licking my penis,” said another, “there must be that, but really it’s the warmth and the moisture from your mouth that makes it feel so good”.

Failure, it seems, is when your teeth grind down the penis, even if it’s just a tiny touch, that moment of elation can disappear.

No teeth, but suck the top. That’s the most sensitive part of the penis, just under the head. Lips, tight, suck, suck, up down just putting ever such a perfect amount of pressure there, that’s the technique.

“It’s not all about blow jobs,” I was told, “it’s the build up, the expectation as when you go down, how it feels as your penis rubs inside the vagina. ”

Another lover was adamant that orgasms stand out, those ones our remember can only happen when your emotionally attached to the person bending over your penis, sucking, hard.

Yet the same man, and he was incredibly funny, turned and confessed.  “There is ‘that’ one that I’ll never forget, it was a wank.”

Any advice guys?

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  1. try sucking toes….

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