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What Is Better Than Sex: Hugh Hefner Says Playing Cards… Uno!

Hugh Hefner: Playboy Founder

Its boxing day, lazing around lying on your couch.  Your partner sneaks up behind you, dressed in little but their undies.  “Want to play?”  Well that’s an offer you can’t refuse: “Oh yes! Lets play the trumpet!”

For the man who founded Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner, sex isn’t everything, in fact given the choice between sex and an old movie, the movie wins hands down!

“Monday night I watch an old movie with the guys, Tuesday night I play games with my girlfriends and the girls from the Playmate House – usually dominoes or Uno. Wednesday I play Gin Rummie with the guys,” the 85 year old multi millionaire told Ok! Magazine.

He isn’t alone.  “Oh that pizza was better than sex” my friend told his girlfriend only to realize that is all he’d be getting for many months after she walked out of the restaurant furious and humiliated.

Sex Or Dominos?

In life there are many pleasures and for most of us sex is up there at the top, but each of us, no doubt, there is something that every so often is better than sex.

Food, being with friends, bungee jumping, what else can beat sex?

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