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Australia: Porn Free?

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Imagine a secular, developed nation that introduces legislation to block all porn on the internet.

Most western nations have policies driven by individual choice over whether or not to access sex sites. While in Australia, under new proposed censorship legislation no-one, no man or woman will have that choice.

This decision will be made by government who seem intent on making the nation a Porn Free society. Nope that’s not free porn, but porn free! Under the new legislation, if passed, the Australian Government will enforce Internet Service Providers to block any adult site, or any website that offers x-rated movies, any porn for that matter.

Australia is a nation that has for years sold tourism through advertisements staring tiny bikini laden women flitting around on national icons, such as Uluru. It’s a nation that promotes it’s lifestyle and is renown for topless women basking in the sun on wide white beaches yet now it seems possible that naked women’s bodies, even looking at a woman’s breasts will be forbidden to view online or through any retail outlets.

That’s exactly what Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy is considering introducing into the Australian Federal Parliament.

Last year Senator Conroy quietly called for submissions from a small and exclusive group of industry, church and community groups to comment on new laws which would make it mandatory of Internet Service Providers to block porn or adult websites.

Already around the world Australia’s censorship restrictions are seen as a “draconian scheme” according to Electronic Frontiers Australia. “The current arrangements are fine, yet the proposal is now is if the government finds ‘hussler’ or ‘’ and they are black list doesn’t only go to filtering software but every ISP which must as a mandatory requirement block those sites.

It simply extraordinary,” said Fiona Patter, Leader of the Australian Sex Party. Today the regulatory system is divided into two major areas, one targets the protection of children from accessing adult sites.

It’s virtually a self regulatory system where parents can install software, such as “” onto their computers which block sites containing sex from being accessed, a system that is currently being used around the world.

Yet unprecedented legislation was passed in 1992 that made it illegal for adult sites to be hosted from Australia. After the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 was passed sex sites based in Australia fled the country. Well, the site’s, specifically, were quickly relocated primary to America or the UK where censorship legislation is far more relaxed.

Now, Australians are facing even harsher laws that bypass self installed software to block all porn, or sites with a ‘restricted content’. Australians, it seems will loose access to the porn sites, including,

Industry organization are outraged by the proposal, including the new, relatively, new Australian Sex Party. Porn across western nations are being accepting and many many many are embracing that whole new world of online porn.

So why is the Australian government moving in a completely different direction, trying desperately to take control away from the individual and making a moral decision that porn is immoral?

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